3 Tips to Ensure That You Recover Properly from Retina Detachment Surgery

If you have recently experienced a detached retina, and you have to undergo retina detachment surgery, it is vital that you take the recovery process seriously. Here are three tips that will help the recovery process go well. #1 Sleep Facing Down When you go to sleep, you cannot sleep on your side or on your back. Instead, you are going to need to sleep on your stomach with your face facing downward. [Read More]

Tinted Lenses: Do They Do Anything To Help You (Other Than Just Looking Cool)?

Tinted lenses look cool and add a certain charm and style to your glasses—but do they actually provide any visual benefits? If you've always wanted a pair of rose-colored glasses (or purple, or blue, or any other color), learn more about the effects of tinted lenses on your vision. It can help reduce eye fatigue. Eye fatigue is a common problem—to the point where many people accept that it's an inevitable part of dealing with their day. [Read More]

Keep Your Eyeglasses Clean By Donning Protective Goggles For These Jobs

When you wear prescription eyeglasses, cleaning them with a cleaning solution and microfiber cloth will likely be part of your routine every few days. If you're eager to lengthen the time between cleanings, it's worthwhile to think about protecting your lenses during certain messy jobs around the house. Some jobs are messy enough that a clean pair of glasses will need to be cleaned again as soon as the job is done, but it's useful to slip a pair of protective goggles over your eyeglasses. [Read More]

Three Signs Your Child May Be Color Blind

Color blindness, also called a color vision deficiency, means that your child isn't able to distinguish some colors. Since children with this condition have never seen the world any other way, they don't realize that their world looks different than it should. As a parent, you'll need to stay alert for signs that your child can't see colors normally. Here are three signs that your child may be color blind. [Read More]