3 Tips to Ensure That You Recover Properly from Retina Detachment Surgery

If you have recently experienced a detached retina, and you have to undergo retina detachment surgery, it is vital that you take the recovery process seriously. Here are three tips that will help the recovery process go well.

#1 Sleep Facing Down

When you go to sleep, you cannot sleep on your side or on your back. Instead, you are going to need to sleep on your stomach with your face facing downward. A good way to do this is to purchase a neck pillow. You can then put your face downward on the neck pillow. This will support your head and allow you to breath and sleep as comfortably as possible.

You should also keep some tissues on hand next to your bed. Your tear ducts may leak when you are sleeping as your recovery form your surgery, and having tissues nearby will help you take care of your eyes. 

#2 Ice Your Eye

To aid and speed up the recovery process, you need to make sure that you ice your eye. This will help reduce the swelling that is going to occur following your surgery.

You will want to keep a couple of ice packs on hand as well as some towels. You should not apply ice directly to your eye; instead, you should take the ice pack and wrap it up in a towel. then, you should apply the ice pack to your face. 

Keep the ice pack on your face for about ten to twenty minutes, then take it off. Use an ice pack on your eye every couple of hours. Doing this will help reduce the swelling on your eye and will help aid in the recovery process.

#3 Bathe Instead of Shower

During the recovery process, you need to keep your head straight. You are not supposed to tilt your head downward at all. That can be really difficult to do when taking a shower. When you shower, you are going to want to move your head up and down in order to keep the water off your face. 

Instead, take a bath. A bath will allow you to keep your head steady and you don't have to worry about water getting into your eyes or moving your head. Make sure that you move all of your soaps so that you can easily wash your body. You may want to ask a family member or friend to help you wash your hair.

The three tips above will help you with the recovery process from your retina surgery. Make sure that you also follow all directions provided to you by your doctor. Retina surgery for detachment is a major surgery, and all your doctors instructions should be followed.