Keep Your Eyeglasses Clean By Donning Protective Goggles For These Jobs

When you wear prescription eyeglasses, cleaning them with a cleaning solution and microfiber cloth will likely be part of your routine every few days. If you're eager to lengthen the time between cleanings, it's worthwhile to think about protecting your lenses during certain messy jobs around the house. Some jobs are messy enough that a clean pair of glasses will need to be cleaned again as soon as the job is done, but it's useful to slip a pair of protective goggles over your eyeglasses. They can catch any airborne particles and keep your glasses' lenses clean. Here are some times that you'll want to bring out the goggles.

Frying And Barbecuing

Whether you're pan frying, deep frying, or barbecuing, you can expect a significant amount of grease to splatter onto the lenses of your eyeglasses. This grease can be a challenge to remove; you'll need to apply a liberal amount of your cleaning solution to cut the grease. Instead of having to clean your glasses after each cooking session, don a pair of goggles. Sure, you might look a little silly, but you and your family can have a friendly laugh at your appearance — and you'll be getting the last laugh when your glasses emerge clean after you're done cooking.

Working In Your Attic

If you're up in your attic for any reason, whether it's to inspect your dryer duct or confirm that your roof isn't leaking after a major storm, you'll be surrounded by insulation. Each time you move a sheet of insulation, it will release tiny airborne fibers — many of which will land on your glasses. You can't simply wipe these fibers off, as they could risk scratching the lenses; you'd need to thoroughly clean your glasses. Avoid this problem by wearing your goggles. They'll also protect your eyes from the irritation of the fiberglass fibers.

Using A Leaf Blower

When you use a leaf blower to blow leaves or grass clippings into a pile in your yard, this high-powered tool can whip up small particles of dirt and other yard matter that can coat your eyeglasses and leave them in need of being cleaned when you finish the job. The simple solution to avoid having to do so is to wear goggles. They'll cover your lenses and keep them clean throughout the job, as well as also protect your eyes from any small bits of dirt that could cause irritation.