Three Signs Your Child May Be Color Blind

Color blindness, also called a color vision deficiency, means that your child isn't able to distinguish some colors. Since children with this condition have never seen the world any other way, they don't realize that their world looks different than it should. As a parent, you'll need to stay alert for signs that your child can't see colors normally. Here are three signs that your child may be color blind.

They use the wrong crayons

When your child is coloring, pay attention to the crayons they use. Children who can see normally will draw trees with green leaves and brown trunks, while children who are color blind will consistently use the wrong colors.

If your child only uses the wrong colors sometimes, don't worry; it's normal for children to experiment with crazy colors sometimes when they're making art. However, if the wrong colors are a permanent fixture in your child's drawings, they may not be able to distinguish colors properly.

They can't name basic colors

While first-time parents may think that children don't learn their colors until kindergarten, children should actually know basic colors before they start school. Children should be able to name basic colors, like red or green, by the time they're three to four years old. If you ask them what color their shirt is or what color their toy is, and they consistently give you the wrong answer, they may not be able to see their colors properly. They may also get upset or frustrated when you try to talk to them about colors.

They're doing badly in school

If the signs of color blindness remain undetected during your child's toddler years, they may become apparent once your child starts school. Children who are color blind may do poorly in school due to their impaired vision.

The colors their teacher uses on the chalkboard can pose problems for color blind kids. People who are color blind may have trouble telling bright green and yellow apart, so if your child's teacher is writing on a greenboard with yellow chalk, your child may not be able to read anything that's being written on the board. This means that they miss out on important lesson information and get left behind.

If you think your child is color blind, take them to an optometrist at a clinic like Wheatlyn Eyecare to get tested. While color blindness can't be cured, you can help your child learn to live with their condition.