Have Eye Strain And Itching? Get A Clear Answer With An Eye Exam

Have you noticed that your eyes have been strained recently, and that they are twitching or having other problems? Dry eyes, itchy eyes, or other irritations can be normal with age or because of the environment, but they can also indicate that there is a problem with your vision. You want to see a professional to have the eyes looked at, and then you want to find out what has caused the irritation and complications. [Read More]

Wet Macular Degeneration: Risk Factors, Symptoms, And Treatment

Wet macular degeneration is a disease that causes bleeding in the eye (specifically the macula region). This ends up causing vision loss. It is related to macular degeneration, though it involves bleeding, unlike regular macular degeneration which is sometimes called "dry." The disease can be treated, but it is important that it is caught early. The damage to the eye cannot be reversed, but the bleeding can be lessened or stopped, which will prevent the scarring of the macular and retain some vision. [Read More]

3 Tips to Ensure That You Recover Properly from Retina Detachment Surgery

If you have recently experienced a detached retina, and you have to undergo retina detachment surgery, it is vital that you take the recovery process seriously. Here are three tips that will help the recovery process go well. #1 Sleep Facing Down When you go to sleep, you cannot sleep on your side or on your back. Instead, you are going to need to sleep on your stomach with your face facing downward. [Read More]

Tinted Lenses: Do They Do Anything To Help You (Other Than Just Looking Cool)?

Tinted lenses look cool and add a certain charm and style to your glasses—but do they actually provide any visual benefits? If you've always wanted a pair of rose-colored glasses (or purple, or blue, or any other color), learn more about the effects of tinted lenses on your vision. It can help reduce eye fatigue. Eye fatigue is a common problem—to the point where many people accept that it's an inevitable part of dealing with their day. [Read More]